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Contract Testing

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A real-life guide on Contract Testing.

We wrote this book for people wanting to implement contract testing for distributed systems. If you write software for a monolithic system, a lot (even most) of this book will be helpful. We specifically target contract testing for microservices in this book, as this is where the lack of contract testing is painful.

Many resources exist online for writing contract tests – great guides, tutorials, and YouTube videos. These resources, however, often fall short at showing how to do contract testing in real life for microservices. They give you bits and pieces, but don’t show the full picture or tell the entire story. They are either too basic (think “hello world”), too vague (they gloss over how to do it end-to-end), or use outdated toolsets (i.e., Jenkins as their CI/CD tool). When introducing contract testing to software teams, we had no single resource in which we could share with the team. It is frustrating and confusing to piecemeal examples, thus we made our own resource.

Our goal is that by the end of this book, you have a solid understanding of how to implement contract testing in the real world. On top of that, you also understand why contract testing is important and have the confidence to champion it at your company.