Software Engineer Tools I Can't Live Without

Discover a collection of powerful tools that can enhance the productivity and efficiency of software engineers.

“Software Engineer Tools I Can’t Live Without”

Below are tools that I use on a daily basis that my life as a software engineer easier.

Command Line

  • iTerm: A must if you interact with the command line much on macOS
  • Oh My Zsh: Improves the UX of using the terminal


  • IntelliJ IDEA: for must anything JVM
  • Visual Studio Code: for just about anything else
  • PlantUML: UML Diagrams as code. Although Mermaid is a close second since it’s naively supported with GitHub.
  • Postman: A must have tool for testing APIs
  • SourceTree: This one is controversial to command line purist. I like the ease of managing Git repositories. The less I have to think, the better.
  • Lens: Getting a peak into your k8s clusters.


  • Slack: The de facto chat and workflow app for the software industry. No, Microsoft Teams is not a replacement.
  • Krisp: A must have if you are do a lot of voice calls
  • Loom: Perfect for the remote workforce. Use it to asynchronously communicate ideas, pull requests, demos, bugs, how-to videos, and anything else you can think of.
  • Excalidraw: Quick diagramming and whiteboarding tool


  • Notion: Great note taking and organizing-your-life tool.
  • Feedly: If you’re like me you follow a ton of blogs. Feedly aggregates all of these blogs into a single location.


  • O’Reilly Learning: Awesome collection of books and videos. Up to date and even some early releases. Can’t say enough good things about this resource.